Rowing Timer v1_0_6

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Version 3 is a massive improvement on this, with file handling, easy synch, crew names, more precision (100ths) and it saves results as HTML and allows for printing.
It is nearly ready for release - see a preview of the Screenshot .
if you want further details.


Thankyou for trying and using Rowing Timer.
This software is freeware, please distribute freely.
I hope you will find it to be a flexible and useful piece of software for timing of processional head races.

Though still a work in progress, I believe that as it stands, it works OK. I tested it at a 180 boat head race in Inverness on Saturday 20th, with just one computer, and mobile phones along the course.

Most of what the program does should be self-explanatory. In common with usual procedures for this type of race, all times are measured from an arbitrary "Synchronisation point". By default I have set this to be when the first crew button is pressed. It can, however be set well in advance, or changed at any time (in which case any recorded times are rolled back). I recommend you use this facility to synchronise a backup timer (eg. wristwatch or coaches stopwatch).

There are 2 basic ways to use the program. Below is a brief description of the three user interface forms that are generated, along with a few notes on the more advanced and hidden features.
I hope this covers everything. Do let me know of any problems, and I would be delighted to get feedback of any type.

It is my intention to make a commercial version of this program, with greater functionality of this program to allow for better accuracy, printing of results, immediate application of Veteran handicaps etc.
This would not be freeware, but licensed for a 10 donation to Inverness Rowing Club.
If you would like to be informed how this is developing, or contirubute with ideas and suggestions,

Thankyou for your time!
Neil Wallace 23rd November 2004.

Using Rowing Timer

Start Form.

This is the main form for the program, and is the control for all the others. Consequently if you exit this form, you shut all others and leave the program. I have, therefore, protected it with an "Are you Sure?" question.

Regardless, when you do exit, all information generated is transferred on your clipboard (more on this later).

When using the program, the first thing you should do is adjust the minimum and maximum crew numbers to suit the event (or division) that you are timing. Defaults are 1 and 50 respectively, but I have allowed and tested the program for up to 500 crews!
Crew buttons can be added or removed at any time.
The check boxes (and stopwatch menu) will make the "watches" appear and disappear. There are 4 watches available to you.... Start, Split 1, Split 2, and Finish.
You may decide to use them all, or maybe just one or two.
The watches keep running and updating in the background, and you can open and close these at will.
I have defaulted the watches to appear in a grid along the top. With a desktop of over 1024 wide this works well. You can, of course, move the forms around. However, should you wish to realign them then at any time, there is a menu option on the startform to "align to grid".

Like the watches, the Results form and eventlog can be opened and hidden at any time.

Stopwatch Form

This form has shows the time elapsed since synchronisation.

It has a collection of numbered buttons. These relate to the crew numbers you entered initially.
If you have more than 50 crews, a scroll bar will appear to allow easy navigation.

click on a crew button as the crew arrives at the relevant point. The time is recorded in the relevant column, and the button becomes inactive.

One other button is on the stopwatch forms. It is "PANIC button" A click on this button records adds a new line of data to the results, and records a time in the relevant column.
It is obviously hoped that you are able to identify a crew and click on the correct button swiftly, but this provides an alternative should a bow number be unclear or its value unexpected for whatever reason. When you add a time to the results in this way, you will need to make a note of why and manually adjust the results later.

Results Form

Below is a sample results form from a small (7 boat) head race.
Only the Start and Finish times were entered.
Crew 5 lost their bow number, so the "PANIC! button" was used at the finish point. (this button can be used at any time to record a time). If you have three crews crossing a point together it is the easiest way of recording times close together.
As they were the only unknown result, this was easily altered in excel, along with a comment from the Umpire

Step one

- "paste" into Excel.

Step two

- As Rowing Timer time values are in Excel format, the usual equations can be used to calculate time differences.

Final Step

- with this result.
One Last thing.... there is an eventlog which records everything, and can be saved at any time. Hopefully you'll never need it, but it can provide further information. You are prompted to save this automatically on exit of the program.