Tenon Inverness Eights and Small Boats Head 2007

Saturday 17th February 2007

Essential Information for Competitors and SARA Time Trialists

Firstly can we encourage competitors to arrive early, register early (don't all leave it to the last minute) we can't cope with many crews registering two minutes before they want to boat, and, especially Novice Crews, boat early - Remember there will be time penalties for those crews late to the start. SARA Time Trialists should also note the separate instructions issued by SARA Team Manager Lee Boucher including time trial registration from 7 - 8am

Car Parking

Buses must use the Sports Centre car park, which is clearly signposted..
All cars not carrying smallboats must be parked at the Rugby Club car park, turn left before crossing the canal. Those cars carrying smallboats must park beyond the IRC Boathouse. Kindly ensure that no cars or trailers are parked in the turning area in front of the IRC boathouse where essential space is required for the portaloos, registration caravan and refreshment marquee


On the towpath to the North of Tomnahurich Swing Bridge (turn right after going over the bridge) additional parking area for trailers to supplement areas defined below
Close to the Jacobite Cruises Office - EUBC/ GUBC/ Strathclyde UBC / ASRA/ RGUBC
Two parking spaces must also be left on the immediate south side of the Jacobite Cruises office for the use of their staff
Close to IRC Boathouse (beside toe path before reaching boathouse) - Glasgow RC / Clydesdale ARC / Clyde ARC/ St. Andrew BC
Beyond IRC Boathouse (beside toe path at turning space before locked gate) - Aberdeen UBC / Aberdeen BC / LLRC/ SPRC and all car topped small boats


Race entry monies, bow numbers and back numbers will be dealt with at registration (the marquee/horsebox beside the boathouse). Should Clubs wish to scratch crews, alter crew composition or make other permitted changes, then these will be dealt with at Regatta Control which will be at the marquee beside the boathouse. PLEASE CARRY OUT THESE TASKS AS SOON AS YOU CAN AFTER ARRIVAL. PLEASE HAVE THE CORRECT ENTRY MONEY IF AT ALL POSSIBLE (IF PAYING ON THE DAY) THIS WILL HELP SPEED THINGS UP FOR ALL


Penalties will be applied for crews late to the start, please have respect for your fellow competitors and arrive at the start in time. It can take up to 45 minutes to row to the start.
First Division - Novice Crews must begin boating at 10:30am Junior Crews at 10:50am, and Senior Crews at 11:00am. Remember to take sufficient warm and weatherproof clothing with you.
Second Division - Novice Crews must begin boating at 1:15 Junior Crews at 1:35, and Senior Crews at 1:45. Remember to take sufficient warm and weatherproof clothing with you.

Wishing you all a successful weekend (and no time penalties )
Regatta Organising Committee, Inverness Rowing Club February 2007