Xeno Muller's Erg Stroke Cycle

I am delighted to add this stroke cycle.... and the on water version
Xeno Muller has given me permission to use these images which come from his "Indoor Rowing Workout"... a 45 minute technical training DVD with Xeno as both coach and model.
If you have C2 with slides or a rowperfect, I strongly suggest you purchase this disk from him. Available from Xeno's site at www.gorow.com
The three Inverness members who have done the workout the comment has been the same... "I can't believe that was 45 minutes... I was enjoying it so much the time just flew past."
The frames here are taken from a 15 second "push" at full slide.
Statistics - Rating = 39 ( 26 frames on the recovery = 0.85seconds 21 frames on the drive = 0.69 seconds.)
(Have a close look at the path of the handle at blade entry... and how "quiet" the body is.)
Use the buttons below to cycle through the frames
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Neil Wallace 19th December 2004.
With thanks to Doug Keen for the Javascript.