Rowing Timer

This is the homepage for Rowing Timer.

This is a program I have developed for timing head races and getting results out as quickly and accurately as possible.
It has been used in Inverness for 10 head races, and 2 Scottish Team Trials.
It has also been used for head races in Wallingford as well as New Zealand and Australia!
Many, many thanks for the feedback received from these clubs, and the improvements you have helped me to implement.

We currently use the Pocket PC version to collect timing data at start and finish, and compile the results using the desktop version. The desktop version, is, however, also capable of recording times.
All of this is freeware, do with it as you please. However, if you do find the program to be of use please consider making a small donation (suggest 10) to Inverness Rowing Club c/o The Gables, Daviot, Inverness IV2 5XQ.
Best Regards
16th November 2006.

How to use Rowing Timer

Start Screen.

The image on your right is what you should see on starting the program.
I would suggest the "Example Event - Crews yet to Start" as the easiest way to Demo the program.
What this will give you is an example of how the program looks and operates once the crew information has been entered.

Another option you will see (on subsquent use) is a shortcut back into your last saved event. This is useful as you can quickly "continue where you left off" if you shut the program - purposefully or otherwise!